Program Currently Closed.

Masstronauts, Masscots! It's a call for you to join the adventure!

Massa Ambassadorship program intends to help Massa to extend its outreach and give the opportunity for the community to be part of the adventure together. We want the community to join us and bring Massadoption of the blockchain technology to the world, without compromizing on our values such as decentralization. You can join our crew and do the quests to get extra chances to be noticed.

The Massa Ambassadorship Program is not currently accepting new applications, but please join our Discord community to stay updated on when the program will reopen.


Massa Ambassadorship Program intends to spread awareness about the Massa Blockchain, its Team’s vision, and decentralization.The Mission of Masstronauts (Core Ambassadors) & Masscots (Community Ambassadors) is to reach those goals - with a qualitative approach more than a quantitative one, however to allow as many people as possible to participate, a new episode starting from 0 will allow new Masscots to onboard and try their luck at a later date!

Principles’ Summary

Monthly Cohorts

20 to 30 Masscots per Cohort

20+ Masstronauts to manage the Masscots

How to join?

Each month, a selection will happen to allow new Masscots to join the program. Each month selection will be done differently

How does it work?

Each Masscot has a minimum amount of tasks to fill in. The more done the more points. It included articles, video tutorials, twitter threads, community management… But it`s not automatic! Masstronauts will check what has been done and will be able to up-rate the work done, or down-rate it.

Requirements to apply

All people who have been participating in previous cohorts, those who have been writing content about Massa, those who are active within the community (community support, committee calls participation, AMA questions…) are welcome to apply.

For each Masscot it includes to fill in a form with:

  • Twitter Handle

  • Discord Handle

  • Telegram Handle

  • Agreeing & complying with the Massa Version of the Berlin Code of Conduct

  • A KYC (performed later on, but necessary to receive the rewards)

Content creation expectations & Ranking

Based on the (1) content amount - some content will be graded automatically (2) content quality -some content will be reviewed by Masstronauts, a leaderboard will be established. We expect quality more than quantity from our Masscots! Therefore the amount of content to produce monthly is capped. However, extra content is always noticed and appreciated…

For the each month it could include (examples):

  • Articles

  • Videos

  • Twitter threads

  • Reddit Posts

  • Memes

  • Additional exceptional quests

  • Meetup organization

  • Participating to

  • Proposing original ideas to romote Massa

  • Anything you do best (but not in this list)


Be a Masscot

Every time we can, we onboard 10 to 20 Masscots. Those spots will be filled by those who participated in the community, created content (articles, tutorials…), participated to our Crew3 Quests, and Massadopted.

Do you fit this description? Apply for the next cohort!! And this is now.

Be a Masstronaut

Masstronauts are outstanding Massatizen. They are not many, but they are here to support the community any way they can. You currently count around 20 of them.

From time to time a spot might open. Masscots get priority to fill it.


Is my application confidential and anonymous for a Grant?
Do you have any recommendations?
In which form will I receive the grant?
Does a for-profit company or project can apply for a Grant?
How much can I ask for a Grant?
What if my application for a Massa Grant fails?
How long should I wait to get an answer?
Where can I send my application if I do not wish to use the Google Form?
Does Massa offer other help?